Wednesday, March 05, 2008


You should call me. Right now. I just got back from the dentist and half my face is sliding down to my shoulder. No, I’m pretty sure it is, but I’m not going to risk looking in a mirror for confirmation. Anyways, if you were to call me I would talk funny. And the odds are good that I would also bite my tongue. And then you would laugh - cause that’s how my friends roll. I know – I hand picked you for our matching evil streaks.

I had a very small cavity and spent more time getting shot full of Novocain that actually being drilled on. I’m not complaining about that at all. But I did miss my favorite part of getting a filling. Yes, I have a favorite part. Are you surprised? Well you shouldn’t be. It’s all a part of my rosy half-glass-full outlook on life that I somehow managed to get. (Now that surprises even me!)

Anyways. The part I like is actually a sound. And you won’t get this unless you too have lived at some point in a part of the land that has real winters – complete with snow and air you can’t breath. The sound of a filling being packed is the same sound as walking on crisp snow. I love that sound! Can you hear it? Well, today’s filling was so small there was no sound. So here I sit with a head full of Novocain, a suspected fat lip and no upside other than getting to lay back in a comfy chair for a half hour instead of sitting here at my desk.

On second thought - forget it. I’m letting all calls go to voicemail.


Sain't Christopher said...

If you don't Shadenfreude, does he stay a line drawing?

Katie Trott said...

you are weird.

Dennzorro said...

Hi There,
I read the blog about your parents new home at Northville Crossings. My family loves when he decorates the bridge. Too bad those kids broke all his flags last year.

Take a minute and look at my blog regarding the park flushing the water pipes. Thanks.